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About Us

“No Job Is Too Small And We Do It All”

3 Things That Our Clients Appreciate Most About Us

1.We show up on time.

2.We listen to what the customer wants.

3.We complete the job with quality in mind.

Who Are We?

Brian Simmons

My name is Brian Simmons. I am 50 years old. I am married and my wife, Teresa, and I live in
Medford, Oregon. Both of us have lived and worked in the Rogue Valley for most of our lives. We met
more than 20 years ago and discovered that we had grown up on the same road in rural Medford, attended
the same schools and knew many of the same people.
I have been working in construction off and on, for myself and others, for most of my life. I never
specialized in one aspect of construction but learned whatever was needed to be able to complete the job
at hand. Over the years, I have done framing, flooring, roofing, drywall, painting, tile, electrical,
plumbing and a multitude of other construction tasks from small jobs to helping to build entire houses.
I am focused on making Handyman Construction and Remodeling the top handyman and
construction service in the Medford and Grants Pass areas. I strive to provide a good customer experience
and perform quality work that stands the test of time. Here at Handyman Construction and Remodeling
we show up on time, we listen to what the customer wants and we complete the job with quality in mind.

Brad Field

My name is Brad Field. I am 50 years old. I have been in the handyman /construction
business since 1994. I am an Eagle Scout and have lived and raised a family in the Rogue
Valley since 2010. I have worked as a handyman,builder and painter since 1994 and I quickly
learned that the best form of advertising in this community is word of mouth referrals. I am
known in the Rogue Valley for being on time, courteous and doing the best job I can do.
My favorite hobby here in Southern Oregon by far is fishing. Brian and I met each other
back in high school and started fishing together right away. We love to visit the area lakes and
the upper rogue for rainbow trout fishing. There’s no better way to start your morning.
My focus at Handyman Construction and Remodeling is to do quality work and have
satisfied customers. I understand the importance of having a good reputation and it just makes
me happy to please people. The positive comments I receive about the quality and value of my
work keep me coming back for more.

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“No Job Is Too Small And We Do It All”