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What to Expect When We Show Up

“No Job Is Too Small And We Do It All”

3 Things That Our Clients Appreciate Most About Us

1.We show up on time.

2.We listen to what the customer wants.

3.We complete the job with quality in mind.

Honesty, Respect, And Real People

When a Field Technician from Handyman Construction and Remodeling shows up at your residence or business you can expect that:

1. We will be generally clean in appearance. (besides the paint spots and dirt from the previous job ; )
2. We will be courteous and respectful to you, your family, your pets and any other persons on site.
3. We will respect your privacy and only enter your home or structures with your permission. We recognize that your word is law in your own home.
4. We will listen to you and endeavor to understand what you want or need to be done. We will, if necessary, take the time to discuss with you your construction related issues and suggest possible solutions.
5. We will complete the job in a timely manner with quality in mind.
6. We will give you the option of paying immediately upon job completion and approval with cash, check or card or being billed with an electronic invoice to your phone and email and paying at your convenience.
7. We will appreciate your business.

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“No Job Is Too Small And We Do It All”